Structural Design:

Structural design calculations provide a means with which to specify the dimensions of individual structural elements and their respective connections (whether bolted, nailed, screwed, welded or continuous).

Structural design is an integral part of any complex construction project and offers a means to specify the materials needed before the construction phase of a project commences. It also provides a means with which to prove the "integrity" of the finished product before it is built, thereby ensuring compliance with relevant building regulations/ codes.

This is ultimately important because it allows the client to realise a value in the finished product because it meets a series of specific standards.

Design of Sturctural Members:

I have a wealth of experience in the design of Structures and their individual elements. This includes:

  • The design of Timber beams, trusses, rafters and columns to both British Standards (BS 5268) and Eurocodes (Eurocode 5)
  • The design of Reinforced Concrete beams, columns, raft foundations, slabs and retaining walls to British standards (BS 8110) and Eurocodes (EC2)
  • The design of Steel Beams and columns to British Standards (BS 5950) and Eruocodes (Eurocode 3)
  • The design of Masonry walls and piers to British Standards (BS 5628) and Eurocodes (Eurocode 6)
Structural Connections:

My many years of experience allows me to provide a detailing service covering the design of connections for structural members, whether in timber, concrete or steel.

Detailing of Structural Members:

I provide a design service for the detailing of reinforcement in Concrete structures, including RC connections, water retaining structures and retaining walls.

My experience extends to the design and detailing of Steel connections, design of welded connections and detailing of steel members in lieu of web crushing, buckling and slenderness.


My background includes the design of structures incorporating Timber, Masony , Concrete and Steel members. My knowledge extends to considering compatability issues, bourne out of differing coefficients of expansion, cold bridging and other apsects that a structure will have to be designed to cope with during it's working life.

The need to consider structures in the servicability limit state means that in addition to designing individual structural elements, I have extensive experience in the design of structures that are designed to function as they were intended. This includes complying with the various aspects of the Building regulations, not just considering Structural Safety.

My competence extends to liaising with Building control officers, clients, architects and surveyors. This includes resolving site issues borne out of errors in construction, errors in design or in fabrication and developing solutions that can be employed to rememdy such errors in a timely and cost effective manner.

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