Principal Designer

In October 2015, the CDM regulations changed and for Non Domestic Projects, a Principal Designer has to be incorporated into the team from the inception of a project. My experience, based on 17 years managing Health and Safety in Construction, the Pre-Construction Environment and Industrial settings means that I am fully conversant in Risk Management and posess sufficient competency to fulfill the role of PD for smaller projects. I am able to:

  • Plan, manage, monitor and coordinate health and safety in the pre-construction phase
  • Bring together Pre-Construction Information and develop the Pre Construction Health and Safety Plan
  • Mitigate forseeable Health and Safety Risks, assisiting other designers to design them out
  • Ensuring all parties involved in developing the Pre Construciton Information communicates and co-ordinates information effectively
  • Liaise with the Principal Contractor both before and during the construction phase
  • Site Management:

    construction manager

    Managing Construction sites is a complex operation, requiring delegation and oversight of all aspects of the operation. From the management of work-flow activities for multiple sub-contractors to the ordering of plant and materials, maintaining the critical path of a construction project requires organisation, otherwise the timescale will shift and build costs increase.

    Key Areas Covered:

    • Personnel supervision.
    • CDM including Construction Site Health and Safety.
    • Critical Path Analysis
    • Construction Phase Health and Safety Plans.
    • Ensuring Welfare facilities are available.
    • Site layout and management.
    • Hiring of Plant
    • Co-ordinating materials deliveries
    • Overseeing costs
    • Notifying of the HSE.
    • Development of Handover Packs
    • Inspection and sign off of works during each phase
    • Snagging lists and agreeing sign off.
    • Arranging for unforseens (Archaeology, Ecology)
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